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Welcome To My Home Page

Hello! Welcome to my website. My name is Amanda and this site's purpose is to showcase my creations. At the moment my creations are almost all crocheted. My mom taught me to crochet when I was in elementary school. I learned, and did a very shoddy job on a pillowcase which disinterested me in the craft for a long while. When I was in eighth grade, I began marching band. All of our away football games were an hour or more from home, and then you had the game itself which seemed to take forever in between the songs we played. And since I am no sports buff in any way, shape, or form, i began taking yarn and hooks just to keep myself entertained. This is how I got back into the craft. Everyone encouraged me because where i live crocheting seems to be a lost art-the only ones who crochet are the older ones (well, and my mom). I really began crocheting a lot about a year ago. One day I was crocheting and somebody put the idea into my head that I actually might be able to make money with my creations. This had honestly not occured to me before as I had only made things for myself, and sometimes only half finished things at that. Now my little creations have blossomed into a small business where I have items at a local flea market, and at my mother's shop- Diana's. Having a website was the best way that I could think of to showcase my creations to the greatest number of people that ordinarily wouldn't be able to view them. If you see anything you like, make sure you let me know.

Site Updates

12/16/05-->created this website

1/6/06-->added a lot of new photos

1/24/06-->started making the copper jewelry that would eventually be added to my line

3/4/06-->added the first few one-of-a-kind copper pieces to my line of products. Pictures soon to come. (i'm finding it difficult to capture a good shot of, it glares overmuch!)

3/31/06-->had my first home party!

4/4/06-->began making copper rings

09/01/07-->Valley View just closed--First Day at New Flea Market in Hubbard

11/19/07-->Created Online Store

11/21/07-->Began listing Italian Charms in store...will add Clothing and Jewelry Creations as soon as I get  a digital camera


Check here often for any special events or sales!

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