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Back view of my 'granny inspired mini beret', which I will be posting front and side views of soon.

New Designs

I have made quite a few new designs recently that I do not yet have pictures of.  One of these types is being called at the moment a 'moodable'--it allows you to choose from several types of flowers, stars, or several other things which are still in the works to add to your hat.  They look great, even if I do say so myself.  Another new hat my mother and I have deemed 'the mushroom cap'.  It is very comfy and keeps you a lot warmer than many of the other hats I've created.  But, it does, indeed, resemble a mushroom cap.  I have also strayed from my more recent path of hats and made a few different types of 'neck warmers'.  They are very comfortable and quite stylish.  You could wear them simply for warmth, or to make a fashion statement.

I promise that I'll get pictures of them up soon!